The UK finally gets Expelled

The Intelligent Design documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed was never released in the theaters in the UK, so now in the wake of the DVD’s release there this month, the UK radio show Unbelievable has recently partnered with someone named Mark Haville to host the first screening of the movie to a UK audience. In anticipation of this event, Unbelievable has done a couple of shows related to the topic.

This last weekend’s show was an interesting knock-down-drag-out between Meyers and atheist Peter Atkins of chemistry textbook fame. I thought I’d direct my readers to it, if for no other reason than to enjoy the fireworks that result. I thought the discussion of Meyers’s trademark information theory arguments for ID almost went somewhere really helpful, but since Meyers has the tendency to filibuster and Atkins has a short fuse, and because both have no qualms about talking over one another, the topic ended up stillborn. In any event, it is evident that they are in effect speaking two entirely different languages.

Anyway, since Expelled is up for discussion again, I thought I’d point out a video produced by Gordon Glover at Beyond the Firmament. The point of this light-hearted video is to lampoon the ID claim that scientific institutions show unfair prejudice when they insist that their science faculty refrain from introducing non-natural (“unnatural”?) alternatives to scientific explanations that have so far adequately accounted for the natural phenomena being examined.

I’m happy to say that this video includes four voice-overs from your humble correspondent. Any guesses as to which ones? Hint: three of the voices are identical but are assigned to different faces, and the other is done in a non-American accent; the best ones, Stein and Dawkins, are done by Gordon himself.


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