Technical difficulties…

In case you were wondering why this site was down all day on Tuesday (grrrrr), my .htaccess file keeps crippling the site with a 500 internal server error. This time I didn’t guess that it was my .htaccess again, and it took me all day to have a chance to diagnose and correct it. Won’t take me that long next time. I can only guess that it’s one of my plugins causing the problem, but it’s too intermittent a problem to find the culprit by process of elimination. I tried changing the permissions on the file, so we’ll see how that works. If you’ve got any better suggestions, please deliver — I’m a total noob with this stuff.

The most annoying thing was that I had just published a new post (in case you missed it, check it out) that probably hit everyone’s RSS reader, and so they came to check it out and KERSPLAT. I apologize. And welcome back!

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