Reacting to the violence of the angry mob


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To you, the one whose first reflex is to assume justification and seek reasons for abusive behavior in the powerful but refuses to extend this courtesy to the powerless ones reacting against it,

To the one who sees a people group acting in violence and unquestioningly blames their race or religion instead of seeking out the circumstances that radicalized them,

To the one who views acts of anger in a people with no prestige as evidence of your own race’s or religion’s prestige,

To the one who prescribes death, more oppression, or threats of violence disguised as “second amendment rights” as a cure to the grievances of those whose desperation is erupting in the streets,

To the one who seeks only to crush in punishment where co-suffering and healing is the only hope of redress,

To you I make this plea.

Sit at the feet of the one who not only willingly subjected himself to the violence of angry crowds but nevertheless went on to pray in his time of greatest, most unjust suffering, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

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