Did you pass out Ray Comfort’s reissued Origin of the Species?

If so, I’m sure you made up your mind well before researching critiques. But seriously, do you have any idea how deceitful and fallacious Comfort’s introduction is?

It’s really sickening that so many Christians uncritically accept any criticism of evolution as valid simply by virtue of the fact that it’s a criticism of evolution. Even a cursory amount of research will show how many egregious misrepresentations of Darwin and evolutionary theory are in this introduction. And Comfort cut out two chapters that are widely recognized to contribute some of the best evidence for Darwin’s thesis.

If we will be known by our fruit, and especially if you want to entice others to eat it, I’d be much more careful that straw men and outright lies aren’t charged to your account if I were you.

Above all, I’m dreadfully disappointed that a group of people so committed to believing all the right things would so actively propagandize falsehoods and mischaracterizations without fact-checking them.

How much stock do you put in actors’ political opinions? Unless he were trained as a surgeon, I’ll warrant that you wouldn’t let a preacher operate on you, no matter how much you respect his theology and pastoral sensitivity. If you’re going to criticize evolution, do so on scientific grounds, why don’t you?

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