Podcast recommendation: At the Well Radio

My regulars know that I like podcasts, so I thought I’d give everyone a heads-up on a reboot of an old podcast (on which I once appeared) from LFAM.

The new version is called At the Well Radio. In this incarnation, the regular hosts are the podcast’s founder, a young Christian who’s traveled a path similar to my own, and a Canadian friend who self-identifies as agnostic.

The goal of this podcast is to help Christians and other seekers to navigate a “third way” between mainstream evangelical/fundamentalist Christianity and an absence of all faith in God, encouraging its audience to step back from unexamined dogmas and look at what — besides condemnation — our faith has to offer the world. By partnering with an agnostic, Travis is able to use this podcast to strip away the artificial barriers between those with faith and those without faith that unnecessarily exacerbate the Church’s isolation from our mission field (the world) which obstructs our accomplishment of anything useful in the world.

The show takes the approach of looking at a number of news items with their commentary. At times they obviously enjoy tipping evangelicals’ sacred cows, but not for the pleasure of it so much as to make those evangelicals aware of the dangers of having sacred cows in the first place.

Do check it out.

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