Peoples of the New Testament world

An unnamed Jesus Creed contributor writes (does that mean it’s Scot?):

No passage in the New Testament ever describes the groups it assumes everyone knows. Yet, we beg for those descriptions and so scholars over the years have sketched and re-sketched, and then discarded and reconstructed what can be known about those groups. The most recent, and thoroughly readable — and every church library needs this book and I would say pastors need it and students need to know about it to save them a million errors of caricature — book that sketches these people is by William A. Simmons. The book is called Peoples of the New Testament World: An Illustrated Guide.

519McQwtHAL._SL160_.jpgNow, I don’t have any inside information on this book — it could be sheer crap — but I was gratified to see an old professor of mine from my undergraduate career publishing something as potentially useful as this. I only had him for two courses (although one was a two-semester course), but I certainly respected him as an individual and, from what I knew at the time anyway, as a scholar. And to be reviewed so favorably by a site like Scot McKnight’s that is high-profile and has a comfortable relationship with current NT scholarship, I’ve gotta say, “Good on you, Dr. Simmons!”

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