One of the greatest Christian sermons comes to YouTube

At long last, David Baldwin‘s labor of love has given us an annotated recording of George MacDonald’s theological tour de force, “Justice.” This is definitely MacDonald at his finest; his beliefs on the Atonement, hell, God’s Fatherhood, and, of course, justice are nowhere more compelling than in this masterpiece.

Enjoy, disseminate amongst all your loved ones (friends don’t let friends believe that the gospel = penal substitution), and by all means, subscribe to David’s YouTube channel.

Spurgeon*, eat your heart out!


* With no offense intended toward the estimable Charles Haddon or his devotees. Spurgeon was a truly great preacher, arguably more consistently so than his contemporary MacDonald, with one decisive discriminator: Spurgeon was much more frequently wrong. 😉

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  • Thank you for introducing me to George Macdonald. What a treat. Finally someone from the 19th century I can enjoy reading! I posted this to Two Friars and a Fool, with credit.

    • My pleasure! Thanks for listening/watching, for sharing at 2F&f (you must be
      one of the friars!), and especially for letting me know that you like the

      Sometimes it does seem that the better voices from the nineteenth century,
      as from the past in general, have been muted. Thank heavens the Internet Age
      allows us to recover some of them.
      On Nov 30, 2010 2:31 AM, “Disqus”

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  • Thanks for this. If I ever find my way back to Christianity it will be through someone like McDonald…

    • Wait — “back” to Christianity? I suppose we’ll be hearing more of this on your site, or…?

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