N.T. Wright on “unfaithful”, “flat” readings of Genesis

The BioLogos Foundation hits another home run by soliciting and sharing this gem:

Bishop of Durham Tom Wright, while no fundie, is generally regarded among scholars and many evangelicals as fairly conservative in his theological outlook (e.g., he affirms an historical Fall of some kind), so this is good to hear from him. I found it interesting that Bishop Wright clearly affirmed Walton’s model of Genesis 1 as a statement of God’s authorship and control of the universe recounted in the form of an analogy to a temple dedication. He echoes Walton when he warns that taking a “flat” view of Genesis as simple history just because it’s what our culture expects is in a real sense a dishonor to the text itself.

If we want to be faithful to the text, we must take it on its own terms, regardless of what we think it should be saying. Those who insist on a simple historical account are in effect attempting to wrest the creation stories away from the original audiences and make it meet our interests. The ancients would have found little enough meaning in a newspaper account of the events that began world history, but so many Christians are insisting that God was under some obligation to leave them out in the cold in order to satiate our modern demands.

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