My crackpot detector’s about to explode


Three unmistakeable signs of someone no one has any business taking even half-seriously:

1) They imply or state outright that the beginning of the universe, the earth, or life itself have something to do with evolution (completely separate fields of scientific inquiry).

2) They play the Hitler card.

3) They use Kirk Cameron as their spokesperson.

Watch the below-linked video advertising a new version of Darwin’s Origin of Species published by Ray Comfort, who left Darwin’s book intact but added a large introduction “refuting” evolution as only a non-scientist religious whacko could do it. Unbelievable: the first two contentions Cameron makes in the opening seconds of this video are as preposterously false as they are alarmist — not to mention irrelevant to the creation/evolution debate (just like the Hitler issue). Cameron says fervently, “Our kids can no longer pray in public. They can no longer freely open a Bible in school.” What bald-faced lies (I’ll not soften it by calling them mere misrepresentations)!

It doesn’t get any better from there.

I couldn’t watch it all.

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