Mother’s Day with MacDonald


A Mother’s Hymn 

My child is lying on my knees;
The signs of Heaven she reads;
My face is all the Heaven she sees,
Is all the Heaven she needs.

And she is well, yea, bathed in bliss,
If Heaven is in my face—
Behind it all is tenderness,
And truthfulness and grace.

I mean her well so earnestly,
Without a questioning;
‘Twere little to let life go by
For her a truth to bring.

I also am a child, and I
Am ignorant and weak;
I gaze upon the starry sky,
And then I must not speak.

For all behind the starry sky,
Behind the world so broad,
Behind men’s hearts and souls doth lie
The Infinite of God.

If I, so often full of doubt,
So true to her must be,
Thou, who dost see all round about,
Art very true to me.

If I am low and sinful, bring
More love where need is rife;
Thou knowest what an awful thing
It is to be a Life.

Hast thou not wisdom to enwrap
My waywardness around;
And hold me quietly on the lap
Of Love without a bound?

And so I sit in thy wide space,
My child upon my knee;
She looketh up unto my face,
And I look up to Thee.

–George MacDonald (1855)

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