Mondays with MacDonald (on our hope as indicative of our assessment of God)

Multitudes evidently count it safest to hold by a dull scheme of things: can it be because, like David in Browning’s poem Saul, they dread lest they should worst the Giver by inventing better gifts than his? That we do not know, is the best reason for hoping to the full extent God has made possible to us. If then we go wrong, it will be in the direction of the right, and with such aberration as will be easier to correct than what must come of refusing to imagine, and leaving the dullest traditional prepossessions to rule our hearts and minds, with no claim but the poverty of their expectation from the paternal riches. Those that hope little cannot grow much. To them the very glory of God must be a small thing, for their hope of it is so small as not to be worth rejoicing in.

by George MacDonald
from The Hope Of The Gospel, “The Hope of the Universe”

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