MacDonald’s complete works on Kindle for under $2

You all know how much I love George MacDonald’s theological writings, but that’s not how I first became acquainted with him.

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In his day he was much better known for his works of fiction. He is now noted especially for his faerie stories (precursors to fantasy), including Phantastes, which C.S. Lewis credited with laying the groundwork for his eventual conversion (he said his “imagination…was baptized” by reading it). Other popular books include At the Back of the North Wind, David Elginbrod, and my personal favorite, Lilith.

Also, in addition to his many sermons in the Unspoken Sermon series from which I usually draw for my regular MacDonald feature, he wrote a few other strictly theological works. Moreover, it is said that he always thought of himself primarily as a poet.

All of his writings are now in the public domain and freely available via Project Gutenberg and countless other websites. Because of this, many editions of most of his individual works are available on mobile devices and services such as Kindle or Google Books.

However, I was glad when someone directed me to this collection of his complete works, over 50 works in all, available on Kindle with an active table of contents. I thought I’d pass it along to you, in case you’re one of those who simply won’t read books on the computer and/or would like to have access to all his published works, some of which I didn’t even know existed. For $1.79, I consider the ability to have all of his writings in one place to be a steal.

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