I got published on Theologues!

Theologues is a site I have really enjoyed for several months now, dedicated to bridging “ancient and apostolic Christian wisdom with the modern Christian experience” (source: About page). They strive to bring the deep tradition of our faith to bear on our modern experience. I have really appreciated several of their podcast episodes as well. So when I was approached by another contributor about submitting something to the site, I was eager to try.

The result: Why No Explanation of Suffering is Sufficient.

We often try to take comfort in the old saw, “Things happen for a reason.” But when enduring the harshest of hardships, even entertaining the possibility that our sufferings were inflicted on us intentionally – good reason or no – seems not only to be overstepping the boundary of undisputed knowledge and experience, but opens up deeper and more painful questions regarding God’s insensitivity to our plight.

Hope you enjoy the site!

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