Good NT resource for Android users

As a fairly new owner of a smart phone running the Android OS, I was happy to find a Greek NT resource for only $0.99. This app, called simply “Westcott-Hort Greek New Testament” (don’t groan – see below), is based off that outdated but public domain edition, but is enhanced with morphological tagging, lexical data (from Strong’s, but please don’t hold that against it), and notes on significant variant readings from NA27 to mitigate deficiencies in the outdated Westcott-Hort text uncovered since 1881. The text of the AV is available by clicking on the verse numbers.

Use Barcode Scanner or click the image from your phone to download this app.

There are a couple interface issues, such as (currently) not giving the option to go to a particular verse; one must simply navigate to it from within its chapter. But hey, it beats paying more for other apps to give you access to the Greek NT, usually with fewer features than this app offers. If you’d like to try it out, remember that Android Market lets you refund your purchase within 24 hours with only the click of  a button. Highly recommended.

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