Faith in LOST

In anticipation of the last few hours of LOST, many are now asking which remaining questions need to be answered. I have heard from many fans that there are certain questions that must be addressed or they’ll consider the entire series a waste. The following is not intended to criticize those who are asking these questions, but I’d like to offer my personal response to that question.

LOST initially intrigued me because of the mysteries and the questions. For a very long time – several seasons, in fact – I would have thought I kept watching for the answers I sought. But in the last couple seasons it’s become clear to me that a major reason I continue to watch is the same reason I latched onto it at the beginning: the questions. It asks good questions. The episodes I am thrilled by the most are the ones that have me shouting, “What the—how…?!”

I’ve come to the conclusion that the show owes me no answers.

I refuse to treat it like conservative Christians treat the Bible. LOST is not a book of facts, but a work of literature. We steep ourselves in its temper and tone and we seek to understand what the authors are telling us rather than telling them what they must tell us. We sit back and enjoy the scenery, wondering what lies behind that mountain, feeling intrigued to know what sort of people live on that intriguing estate, gasping when a deer leaps in front of the car and out of sight into the woods.

Many of the facts that we LOST fans seek are slowly disclosing themselves, and don’t get me wrong: I covet every one they see fit to provide us. I don’t doubt that there will be things I dearly wish they had addressed. But I find it exceedingly hard to prescribe the palette of a master painter. How could I — why would I — advise him which shadows are too pronounced and how many birds belong in the background?

If I sound like an undiscriminating fanboy, know that the LOST team earned my loyalty. They certainly could have blown my trust — they nearly did over one big decision they made. But because I granted them a modicum of deserved suspension of judgment and waited to see their greater purpose, that stumbling block has been removed, and even though a part of me wishes they had done it my way, I have gained unshakable respect for their abilities.

LOST is a show about faith, believing despite a lack of answers, trust in what’s proved trustworthy during the absence of understanding. I have faith in LOST.

No spoilers or show specifics in the comments, please.

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