Evolution as creation: for the kids

How many times have I solicited suggestions for children’s materials of one sort or another presenting evolution as creation?

I gnashed my teeth when one highly capable friend (who has since gone into hybernation!) mentioned that his version of this project had been put on the back-burner. I thrilled to see someone else also show interest in working toward this goal (although I fear this project, too, has stalled indefinitely). I myself (actually, my daughter) discovered one possibility, but it diplomatically focuses more on geology than biology and may well be out of print by now, anyway.

But did I ever actually seek to fill this void myself? Nope. This despite the fact that I would enjoy such a project very much.

Well, Arni Zachariassen has done the sensible thing and stepped up to the plate.  Good on him!

I’m not picky. Textbooks would be great, and storybooks such as Arni’s project would be likelier to capture the heart and mind of the child with the wonder and majesty of nature at an early age; I certainly wouldn’t complain if both became available!

Any more takers?

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