Belated thanks

I find that I’ve gone through the same thought process as last time something like this happened.

At first I refrained from saying anything so as not to sound like an insufferable self-promoter. Several days later I thought about it a little more and I realized that a complete silence might seem ungrateful to those who gave me a much appreciated pat on the back.

So yet again, and even more than before, thanks for the thumbs up, friends!

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  • Dang steve, stop rubbing our faces in it.

  • Paige

    I’m sure it’s all my fault 😉

  • I always vote for Undeception!

    Somehow I even made the top ten list for April. I thought that was kind of strange considering that I gave up blogging for Lent and so didn’t even blog for most of April! (Not that I’m complaining that people are voting for me!)

    • I was happy to see yours on the list for the same reason! I vote for you as
      well. 🙂

      • Paul D.

        @openid-64192:disqus I always vote for both you guys.