Back and broadcasting live!

I hope my readers won’t mind my calling attention to the reconstitution of the [ad hoc] Christianity podcast, which I co-host with two of my friends. We’ve decided to give it another go with a different format: it’s being reincarnated as a video show, specifically a Hangout On Air that’s streamed live over YouTube, courtesy of Google+. Don’t worry: you don’t have to have upgraded to Google+ or even have a Google account to stream it from our YouTube channel. Plus, it’ll be available as a regular YouTube video immediately after the show is done, so subscribe! (We’ll keep up the audio mp3 feed for the new shows, merely the audio stripped out of the video, for those who prefer that.)

Last week we really kicked things off well by having a lively discussion with the esteemed, unsettled, often unsettling, and generally just far-left biblioblogger Joel Watts, so be sure to check that out first.

This week we’re going to check back in with our old buddy Mike Beidler, whose journey from young earth creationism to acceptance of evolutionary theory we chronicled some time ago. This time around we’re going to check the pulse of the conservative, traditionally anti-evolution Evangelical movement to see where we think it’s going, plus whatever else we can cram in.

If you’re awake at 10pm EST tonight, why not watch our live stream, either from our our YouTube channel or on our Google+ page? We’ll be looking out for you and any comments you post on the G+ or YouTube page. In the future we’d like to invite our viewers into the Hang Out room with us…provided we get any live viewers!

Of course, if you want or need to catch it after the fact, subscribe to our video channel or to our audio-only RSS (here’s the iTunes link).

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