*ahem* “Meme me me!”

Ok, it’s been long enough for me to do another meme, and because I am a good sport, I will respond to both memes I was tagged with by one merciless (mercilessly funny, that is) blogger friend of mine, Kev at Special Kind of Stupid (you want a laugh? check him out!). Unfortunately, my answers will not be particularly funny. But come on, Kev, just be glad I’m doing these at all 😉

First off is a meme called the “To Do List” meme. Five things on my to do list for the week that are not related to work.

1) I need to start reading Tim Martin and Jeff Vaughn’s book, Beyond Creation Science: New Covenant Creation from Genesis to Revelation. For a summary of its subject, see Mike’s post here. Mike and I have both independently dialogued with Tim about problems we had with the previous edition and he assures us that they have addressed our critique to some degree, so I need to read it for that reason. Plus, it’s causing major shockwaves among preterists, as I expect it would among futurists as well. In one book, they have taken on the evangelical majority views on Genesis (although they are not evolutionists) and Revelation (they are full preterists). I need to go ahead and start it is because it will be a major topic for discussion at the eschatology conference, Truthvoice, taking place in Ohio in April that I’m planning on attending (here’s the site). Anyway, I might blog about it when I’ve finished, but I’ve got to start first.

2) I need to play with my kids more. I’ve been studying so much while they’re awake and blogging after they go to bed (sad, but I’d fall asleep if I waited until they went to bed to study). Anyway, I make it a weekly goal to spend more time with my young children, and not just a greater quantity but also a greater quality of time.

3) I need to go to bed earlier. These six-hour nights are killing me. I used to be the consummate night owl, and took my lumps in the morning. But that was back when I could sleep in every now and then! My sleep debt is high. Any debt solutions to offer, O Kev?

4) I need to stay apprised of at least and seek involvement with at most all of the great blogs I’ve discovered lately and are in my blogroll. I don’t want to write in a vacuum; it sucks. (there, the obligatory humorous quip out of the way)

5) I need to conjure up about four more hours of time daily in which to do all these things. Lord help me.

With meme #2, the Quirky Meme, I am supposed to list “six non-important things/habits/quirks about myself.”

1) I love the Muppets. I can name virtually all of the principal Muppet performers/composers/writers from the Henson era and give a near-exhaustive list of the characters/songs/productions each was responsible for. I can mimic most of the main Muppet voices, and I actually do a better Kermit than the replacement for Jim Henson, Steve Whitmire, if I do say so myself.

2) I play the bagpipes. On purpose.

3) I have a poster of Mulder’s “I WANT TO BELIEVE” poster in my cubicle at work. (“Nobody here but the FBI’s most unwanted!”)

4) I always thought I’d grow up to be a cartoonist or a voice actor (a Muppet performer in my dreams). In addition to my own characters, I got really good at drawing Popeye as originally drawn by E.C. Segar. Thankfully, I have been successful at passing on my love of Popeye to my young children.

5) I don’t want to eat food after other people have touched it. My mom, my wife, and my kids are the only exceptions. My wife was the first person I drank after as well as the last, except for my children.

6) I absolutely despise repeating myself. To anyone, anytime. It’s really borderline psychotic, although I’ve gotten better at holding it in.

There! And I’m so happy with my answers that I have decided to show grace. Verily will l shew forth grace and mercy, yea, such as were not shown to me: all my blessed readers are freed from these memes. Behold! I slay the two-headed monster that Kev fed and sent to destroy me. No one shall feel the dread of that foul worm. I tag no one.

Take that, evil Kev, thou villainous meme-monger!

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