About this blog and its author

In coming to understand anything we are rejecting the facts as they are for us in favour of the facts as they are. – C.S. Lewis

About this blog: I spend a lot of my time examining ideas critically, identifying and verifying my own presuppositions (a difficult act of humility), and challenging those of others (easier to do, but more difficult to do out of compassion and humility). I view this process as a necessary component of the life of the Christian mind. The term “undeception”, although apparently coined by Hans Georg Gadamer, is sometimes associated with C. S. Lewis, who recognized that the default positions and stances of even Christians need critical evaluation and correction; the concept was central to most of his writings, and is well summarized in the quote above. As I continually seek to hold my own understanding of the facts up to scrutiny, I invite you alongside so that we may develop more and more accurate glimpses of truth, even if it means challenging our own pet assumptions.

About me: My name is Steve Douglas. I live with my wife and children in the southern U.S. Be sure to leave some comments pro, con, or neutral, if for no other reason than to assure me that what I’m writing is not disappearing into the void of cyberspace unnoticed!

If you like, you may wish to check out this page to orient yourself with my (mostly) current positions on some of the major topics I discuss on this blog.