A video chat with “Hellbound?” director Kevin Miller

Does hell exist? If so, who ends up there, and why? Featuring an eclectic group of authors, theologians, pastors, social commentators and musicians, “Hellbound?” is a provocative, feature-length documentary that will ensure you never look at hell the same way again!

The official Hellbound? website

This week on the [ad hoc] Christianity Podcast we were privileged to chat with filmmaker (and erstwhile criminal mastermind) Kevin Miller about “Hellbound?”, a movie I’m really itching to see. We discuss the development of his own thinking on the subject while making the film, the most compelling arguments made by his interviewees, and his perceptions about Evangelical Christianity’s receptivity to rethinking hell today. Hope you enjoy it!

Here’s the video:

(link for mobile)

The audio only version can be found at our website: Episode #36: Kevin Miller is [ad hoc]-bound!, or on iTunes.

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  • Does that reconciliation necessarily lead to joy for the individual?
    Remind yourself what Isaac the Syrian and Gregory of Nyssa say. God is
    like fire with all its capacities. Those who are prepared to sit by the
    fire will warm themselves by it. Those who are ill prepared to sit by
    it will either sit too far and freeze or come to close and be burned.

    • Hi,

      I’m aware of those beliefs, and I think they’re right to a point. But I expect that God’s fire is curative, not destructive of the individual. And I’m sure the joy won’t be immediate. My belief is that 1) God is truly, objectively lovely, 2) Augustine was correct when he said, “You have made us for yourself, and our hearts are restless till they find their rest in you,” and 3) God is restless till we find our rest in Himself, and will spend as many eons as necessary to bring every individual to the place where they recognize His irresistible beauty.

      I wrote more about this here: http://undeception.com/which-way-is-home-hell-the-will-of-man-and-the-intentions-of-god/

  • Nelia Stevenson

    Nice video chat. Thanks for sharing it.