A couple new (to me) blogs about post-inerrancy faith

I’d like to call attention to a couple of blogs I’ve just recently discovered that deal with doubt and questioning problematic aspects of traditional Christian theology.

First, Questioning Christianity from Michelle, whose commitment to trusting God to lead her into all truth drives her as an act of faith to question even the Bible, despite her local community’s frustrating refusal to do the same.

Next, Chronicles of a Christian Heretic from Sandra, who has been toying with ditching one particular label that might eventually necessitate a change in her URL! My comments on that post have kick-started a conversation that will no doubt be interesting.

These are complements to more well-known sites such as Like a Child‘s insightful chronicle of her faith-shaking journey and chesha in motion. A recurring theme of late has been the struggle of doubting within a community that refuses to.

If you didn’t notice, I’ve just listed four (count ’em: four!) women bloggers going through similar faith journeys. Is my scope just widening, or is this a trend?

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